After the Wonderful Tours.

After we spent a day to days together, some of my precious friendly clients kindly wrote such excellent reviews of my tour.  Here are some their voices.  I really appreciated that your kind and precious reviews are the great help for both my tour improvement and future clients. 

“Great tours through Kyoto and Osaka with Mr. Takuya Travel ;-)”

From Germany 


We had the pleasure to be on tour with Takuya in Kyoto and Osaka. Preparations for the tour and communication overall with Takuya was excellent, quick and straight to the point. We enjoyed Takuya’s company a lot - it was absolutely the right mix of local sight seeing - popular and hidden places, local very good food, photography spots, explanations and stories about culture, tradition, politics, history of Japan and the cities we visited especially. We learned a lot in an easy to consume way. That was what we wanted. After short time we felt like exploring together and Takuya is always good for a funny story - we had a good time together. On our tour spoken language was english and as Takuya used to travel a lot abroad we had a good joking around and telling stories each other with many laughs. Taking a Takuya tour was the best and right way to explore Kyoto and Osaka. Finally…Takuya did a lot of pictures from our group and provide them online a couple of days later. Thankful. If we come back to Japan we will happily go on on tour with Takuya again - there is much more to explore in Japan.

"Day trip to Kobe and Mt. Rokko"
From the Philippines

Takuya was an exceptional guide. Planning a day trip for group of 22, ages ranging from 2 to 84, had to have been a challenge. Nevertheless, he patiently replied to all our emails, addressing all our concerns and preferences, and took us on a memorable tour of Kobe and the Mt. Rokko area. Thank you, Takuya!

“Best Tour Guide in Japan. Highly Recommend!!”
From Australia

Dear fellow readers,

Look no further in deciding who to hire for either a business or leisure private guide because Takuya is the best person for you. My family and I recently hired Takuya to take us around both Osaka and Kyoto. I can't express highly enough for the excellent job Takuya displayed during the two days that he was with us.

Takuya has a lot of positive qualities that make him the ideal private guide. Firstly, his English speaking level is very fluent, with years of experience travelling to many different countries in the world. Secondly, his responses to emails were very fast and efficient, which was one of the main reason I actually hired him in the first place. And lastly, Takuya oozes with a lot of confidence and is adaptable to a lot of scenarios.

Furthermore, not only is he passionate and enthusiastic about his job but he is also very knowledgeable about the history, culture, and food in both Osaka and Kyoto. An admirable characteristic about Takuya is that he has a kind-hearted approach where he really looks after you and your family. Once again, thank you Takuya for everything you have done for my family and I. We hope to see you again soon.

“Kyoto one day tour (京都一日游)”
From UK

My husband and myself are always fond of in-depth cultural, historic and the most authentic tours in a foreign place. We usually arrange our own trips (well, my husband does most of the job). However this time we had no time to do any pre-studies, needless to say arranging places to visit. 

We had a very tight schedule in Japan and allocated only 1 day in Kyoto. I almost believed that we just gonna have an idle stroll through downtown Kyoto until my husband found Takuya private guide on google. He replied on the same day and was very professional and informative. Our trip was definitely more fruitful and memorable with him on board.

We were very much grateful and thankful that we chose Takuya to spend the precious time in Kyoto. Although time was so limited and does no justice whatsoever to this ancient culturally rich city, we got so much out from this one day tour and had a good grasp of the place and its people. 

Takuya managed our expectations extremely well, at the same time combined with his own favourite places. It was a true blend of some very touristy places (with best views and least amount of crowd) and tranquil hidden gems where you’d encounter locals dressed up fully for a family picnic or have a glance of a monk’s daily life etc. After all, he’s the local and the expert. All we had to do was to trust his recommendations and it turned out we were right. He has very good tastes in places and food, of course sake too! 

We got on very well throughout the day. Takuya is very out-spoken, open-minded, energetic, enthusiastic yet empathetic. He is also very flexible, sometimes diplomatic over subtle conversations. We enjoyed accompanied with him at all time. 

Overall, we would highly recommend him as a private guide and would like to invite him for our future tours when we are next in Japan. 


“Extraordinaria experiencia en Japon”
From Spain

Pudimos disfrutar de 4 días enteros con Takuya, estubimos en Osaka, Nara, Kioto y Hiroshima com él. La experiencia fue increíble, nos enseñó muchísimas cosas que sin él sería imposible hacer, no escatimó para nada el tiempo y cada día se aprovechaba minuto a minuto hasta tarde. Nos recomendó unos restaurantes que fueron los mejores del viaje, que sin su recomendación no los hubiéramos encontrado. Y sobre el país, Japón, qué decir!!! nos sorprendió muchísimo, gente encantadora, paisajes increíbles, gastronomía de la mejor que hemos podido degustar. Un 10 para TAKUYA y para JAPÓN!!! Volveremos en unos años en primavera, seguro que podremos disfrutar de un paisaje diferente (y pasaremos menos calor!!!)

“Phenomenal Personalized Tour Experience”
From USA

We have nothing but praise for Takuya's personalized tour experience. Takuya asked us for what we wanted for this tour and really tailored it for our request. He took us on a mix of must see sites and locations that were off the beaten path. He knowledge of Osaka is excellent and he offered us an insider's view of life in Osaka. He even took some photos for us with his own camera in addition to helping us take photos with our phone and sent them to us later in the day. His English is excellent. Trust Takuya. You won't be disappointed.

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