Sake & More 

Japan=Sake!!  You don't want to miss this opportunity!

In Kansai, over 40% of sake is brewed here.  

The oldest Japanese whisky is still distilled in Osaka.

And it is always exciting and fun to discover the local sake brewery during your tour in back country!!!  

Yeah, you would tell me that you love sake and drink the expensive one in your country.

And you think you know it very well. Nooooope!!

There are about 1,500 sake breweries in Japan.

And the price of a bottle necessarily does not mean that it is the best sake with the best flavor.

You have to explore more!!

Historically, sake has been shipped from Kansai to Edo, today's Tokyo, for years.

And still, many sake breweries survive and produce the good quality sake especially around Kobe and Kyoto.

Sake is a traditional commodity of Kansai.

And even the first Japanese whisky was distilled in Osaka and still are bottled with their pure water.

Additionally, there are numbers of sake and other alcohol beverage producers in Western Japan.

And it is always add some amusement for your back country tour because you can enjoy the taste which you cannot enjoy back in your country.

I will take you around the local sake breweries to buzz you up in Japan!!


Takuya Yanagisawa

National Government Licensed Tour Guide Interpreter

Reg. No. EN00357

Osaka, Japan 



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