You must be tired of the group tour!!

You need more privacy??

Then, I am here for your unforgettable private premium tour!!

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Welcome to the Land of Rising Sun!!


My name is Takuya Yanagisawa.

I am a National Government Licensed Tour Guide Interpreter in English.

Throughout my career in the international business, I always wanted to enjoy or experience something the local folks are having fun in overseas. And I am sure that many foreign tourists like you want to do so in Japan as well. And you would like to explore the rich culture, history, or heritage more in depth which are not written in the guide books or internet articles.


I used to live in Edmonton, Canada, and Milwaukee, USA for my university education. And I used to travel around the world quite frequently for the last few decades. I am fluent in English, very informative, and always seeking the fun spots to offer you.

I would like to guide you to experience some niche places or attractions such as bar hopping so called Hashigo in Japanese, the back country hot springs in wild, and hidden or unexplored regions.


I can even make the private tour proposals and attend up to one week of your private tour.  Please feel free to inquire me.


I hope you enjoy my website, and “LIKE” at the top of this website. I will be adding more information and pictures regularly in my Facebook and Instagram.


If you have friends considering travel to Japan, please refer them to my website. If they would like a private tour guide or concierge, I would look forward to being of assistance.


Where to meet you in Osaka? 

I am going to meet you in front of Big Man, the popular TV screen, right at Kinokuniya Book Store at Hankyu Umeda Station in Osaka. 

Upon request, the pick up at your hotel, pier, or alternative places are available.  Please feel free to consult for your better convenience.

Address: 1-1-2 Shibata, Kita-Ku, Osaka