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Due to language or simply you are shy, you have no guts to enter those traditional Japanese bars and pubs with full of happy Japanese?  

Don't worry, I will help you to explore the real Japan!

You see numbers of bars and pubs with full of happy looking Japanese.  But due to language barrier, you maybe shy to open the door or enter those fun places.  Don't worry!!  I will guide you there and assure you really enjoy the real Japanese night life.

There are a variety of bars and pubs.  Izakaya, Robatayaki, or Tachinomi.  And many Japanese enjoy hopping those places after the main dinning.  It is called "Hashigo.  Hashigo actually means the ladder, but Japanese uses this expression as you hop the bars after another like climbing the ladders.  

Especially, hopping "tachinomi" is fun.  Tachinomi is a bar which offers no seat but a variety of bar foods.  And many Japanese usually spend a couple of drinks and foods before they head back home.  Each tachinomi has their own speciality foods such as "Doteyaki" or "Kushikatsu" or some special sake or liquors.  And some of bars are directly owned by sake breweries.  And there, you enjoy very rarely found sake or shochu.  

In Kansai, you can find some of Tachinomi open at 6AM for the workers of night shifts.  

I will assist you to enjoy the true Japanese nightlife!

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