Nara & Ikaruga

The ancient capital of Japan with a huge statute of Buddha and deer.

Explore the old time connections between Japan and the Continents.

You can easily imagine what Nara is.  Yes, the huge statute of Buddha, and numbers of deer in streets.  But how many of you are aware of the fact that Nara was a capital of Japan before Kyoto.

And in 15 minutes from Nara by train, you can visit the triple crown, Horyuji Temple.  There, you can observe the deep connection or influence from the Eurasian continents as well as the change of Japanese art through years.  

Especially if you are going to spend sometime in Kyoto, you must come to Nara and explore how different those two cultures are.  You can realize how diverse the Japanese culture is as though it's a narrow archipelago.

You feed deer cookies, I feed you knowledge.

And of-course, your tour is customized and private!!


Tour Samples:

1 day tour (8 hours) 

Horyu-ji Temple

Kasuga Taisha Shirine

Isuiyen Garden

Todaiji Temple


1/2 day tour (4 hours) 

Kasuga Taisha Shrine

Todaiji Temple

Higashi Muki Shotengai

For your private flexible tour, please inquire for more details.  

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