The former capital city, the sophisticate elegant culture was born.

 And you can see and experience those mature heritage, today.

Chosen as the capital of Japan in 794, Kyoto has been the residence of the Japanese Imperial Family till 1868. 

With the strong influence of aristocrats, warrior, and religious sectors, the foundation of many Japanese ideas, cultures, and practices were created and established here. And uniquely, you still can see and experience those tradition daily throughout a year.   I usually combine the must visit popular spots and niche quiet only Japanese visit places or even include the limited time exhibitions. Or we can simply discuss your customized private tour.  

Tour samples:

1 day tour (8 hours) 

Kinkakuji Temple (Golden pavilion) 

Nijo Castle 

Gion (Gion Shimbashi, Yasaka Shrine)

Kiyomizu Temple

(through Ni-nen zaka and San-nen zaka)

1/2 day tour (4 hours) 

Ginkakuji Temple (Silver pavilion)

Honen-in Temple

Path of Philosphy


For your private flexible tour, please inquire for more details.  

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Takuya Yanagisawa

National Government Licensed Tour Guide Interpreter

Reg. No. EN00357

Osaka, Japan 



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