Japanese Knife

Fine Japanese dining is the art of Japanese chefs.

The tools for those arts are created by the tradition of craftsmanship.

You want to own it? But you need to learn it!

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Private Tour Concierge
Private Tour Concierge
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Private Tour Concierge

It is a global trend that many professional chefs in culinary are using the super sharp quality Japanese knives. Many say that the flavor of the material such as meat, fish, or vegetables cut by the traditional Japanese cooking knives are different from the ones cut by the other knives.  Interestingly, it is true as the flavor of each material is preserved inside the material when it is cut or sliced by the super sharp knife. And this trend is moving toward the consumers.  And many foreign tourists are attracted by the traditional Japanese knives which are tough to obtain or too expensive to buy abroad.  

However, even if you could purchase the traditional super sharp Japanese knives, it could be just a waste of money.  It is very important for you to learn how to use and sharpen them properly so that you can really enjoy you cooking with the traditional tool.  

I will take you the shop where you can learn both and find so many to choose from.