Back Alley Tour




Dalai Lama

In the back alley of popular tourist cities, you can find many real daily life. 

And you can find unique history and culture unwritten in your guide book.


Do you actually want to see the usual daily life of Japanese in Western Cities? Yes, you can go there alone, and surely, it would be fun to roam around those neighborhood. However, you are probably passing by those areas. Or you simply are very shy of exploring the real back alley because you don't know the area very well or simply directions. Don't worry! With me, I can take you where you should really visit, and you will find a trendy hot spot where Japanese are actually having fun. Also, you find a deeper or niche history of Japan through those back alleys because many those aspects have been lost in the busy or popular areas. 

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Takuya Yanagisawa

National Government Licensed Tour Guide Interpreter

Reg. No. EN00357

Osaka, Japan 



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